On properties of graded rings and graded modules


  • Mashhoor Refai Princess Sumaya University for Technology.
  • Rashid Abu-Dawwas Yarmouk University.




weakly graded rings, weakly crossed products, invertible graded rings, graded semi-essential submodules, graded essential sub-modules, graded uniform modules, graded semi-uniform modules


Let R be a G-graded ring. In this article, we introduce two new concepts on graded rings, namely, weakly graded rings and invertible graded rings, and we discuss the relations between these concepts and several properties of graded rings. Also, we study the concept of weakly crossed products and study some properties defined on weakly crossed product and give the relationship between this new concept and several properties of graded rings. Moreover, in this article, we give a generalization for the concept of graded essential submodules, and introduce the concept of graded semi-uniform modules which is a generalization for the concept of graded uniform modules.

Author Biography

Rashid Abu-Dawwas, Yarmouk University.

Department of Mathematics.


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