On generalizations of graded second submodules





Graded second submodules, Graded 2-absorbing submodules, Graded strongly 2-absorbing submodules, Graded 2-absorbing second submodules, Graded strongly 2-absorbing second submodules, Graded quasi 2-absorbing second submodules


Let G be a group with identity e, R be a commutative G-graded ring with unity 1 and M be a G-graded R-module. In this article, we introduce and study two generalizations of graded second submodules, namely, graded 2-absorbing second submodules and graded strongly 2- absorbing second submodules. Also, we introduce and study the concept of graded quasi 2-absorbing second submodules, that is a generalization for graded strongly 2-absorbing second submodules.

Author Biography

Rashid Abu-Dawwas, Yarmouk University.

Dept. of Mathematics.


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