Guidelines for Reviewers

Guidelines for Reviewers
Peer review is an important factor for maintaining high standars with in scholarly publishing. This
process must be managed based on the knowledge and experience of specialists. We are very
grateful to all our reviewers for the time they spend evaluating manuscripts for PROYECCIONES.
Reviewers are asked to provide detailed, constructive comments that will help both the editors
make a decision on the publication and the authors to improved their manuscript. Reviewers
should reveal any potential conflicto of interest they may have with respect to the manuscript or
the authors.
PROYECCIONES uses a closed single-blind peer review system (the names of the reviewers are
hidden from the authors). Reviewers are asked to recommend whether a munuscript should be
accepted, revised or rejected. Although PROYECCIONESuses the plagiarism detection system,
reviewers should alert the editors if they suspect any issues relating to autor misconduct such as
When preparing the reports, reviewers are asked to consider the following points:

  • Originality and significance of the munuscript.
  • Experimental or theoretical approach to the discussed problem(s).
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the method used.
  • Reliability of the results and validity of the conclusions
  • Discussion of the most relevant literatura on the topic.

Reviewers are asked not to distribute copies of the manuscript or use results contained in it
without the authors’s permission. We also ask reviewers to return their reports within the
soecified deadline or inform the editor as soon as posible if they are not able to do so.