Quasi-k-normal ring


  • Kumar Napoleon Deka Gauhati University.
  • Helen K. Saikia Gauhati University,




Abelian rings, quasi-k-normal rings, Π-regular rings


In [4] Wei and Libin defined Quasi normal ring. In this paper we attempt to define Quasi-k-normal ring by using the action of k-potent element. A ring is called Quasi-k-normal ring if ae = 0 ⇒ eaRe = 0 for a ∈ N(R)and e ∈ K(R), where K(R) = {e ∈ R|ek = e}. Several analogous results give in [4] is defined here. we find here that a ring is quasi-k-normal if and only if eR(1 − ek−1)Re = 0 for each e ∈ K(R). Also we get a ring is quasi-k-normal ring if and only if Tn(R, R) is quasi-k-normal ring.

Author Biographies

Kumar Napoleon Deka, Gauhati University.

Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics.

Helen K. Saikia, Gauhati University,

Professor, Department of Mathematics.


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K. N. Deka and H. K. . Saikia, “Quasi-k-normal ring”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 599-608, May 2023.