Subspace graph topological space of graphs




graph topology, subspace graph topology, d-closure, nbd-closure


A graph topology defined on a graph G is a collection 𝒯 of subgraphs of G which satisfies the properties such as K0, G ∈ 𝒯 and 𝒯 is closed under arbitrary union and finite intersection. Let (X, T) be a topological space and Y ⊆ X then, TY = {U ∩ Y : U ∈ T} is a topological space called a subspace topology or relative topology defined by T on Y. In this P1 we discusses the subspace or the relative graph topology defined by the graph topology 𝒯 on a subgraph H of G. We also study the properties of subspace graph topologies, open graphs, d-closed graphs and nbd-closed graphs of subspace graph topologies.

Author Biographies

Achu Aniyan, Christ University,

Department of Mathematics.

Sudev Naduvath, Christ University,

Department of Mathematics.


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