On ideal sumset labelled graphs





Graph labelling, Set-labelling, Sumset labelling, Ideal sumset labelling


The sumset of two sets A and B of integers, denoted by A + B, is defined as A+B = {a+b : a A, b B}. Let X be a non-empty set of non-negative integers. A sumset labelling of a graph G is an injective function f : V (G) → P(X) − {} such that the induced function f+ : E(G) → P(X)−{} is defined by f+(uv) = f(u) +f(v) uv E(G). In this paper, we introduce the notion of ideal sumset labelling of graph and discuss the admissibility of this labelling by certain graph classes and discuss some structural characterization of those graphs.

Author Biographies

Jincy P. Mathai, Muthoot Institute of Technology & Science

Dept. of Mathematics.

Sudev Naduvath, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Dept. of Mathematics.

Satheesh Sreedharan, Vidya Academy of Science & Technology

Dept. of Mathematics.


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J. P. Mathai, S. Naduvath, and S. . Sreedharan, “On ideal sumset labelled graphs”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 371-384, Mar. 2021.