Some remarks on summability defined by invariant mean in intuitionistic fuzzy 2-normed spaces


  • Sumaira Aslam Chandigarh University
  • Vijay Kumar Chandigarh University
  • Archana Sharma Chandigarh University



statistical convergence, statistical Cauchy, invariant mean, 2- norm, σ-statistical convergence


In present paper, we aim to define a new summability method using σ-mean called σ-statistical summability in an intuitionistic fuzzy 2- normed space (briefly IF2NS). We also define σ-statistical cauchy sequence in an IF2NS and study some of their properties. We display example that shows our method of summability is more stronger in these spaces.

Author Biographies

Vijay Kumar, Chandigarh University

Department of mathematics.

Archana Sharma, Chandigarh University

Department of mathematics.


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