An optimization model for fuzzy nonlinear programming with Beale's conditions using trapezoidal membership functions




Nonlinear optimization – Fuzzy nonlinear programming problem – Beale’s conditions with fuzziness - Trapezoidal fuzzy membership functions.


Non-linear Programming (NLP) is an optimization technique for determining the optimum solution to a broad range of research issues. Many times, the objective function is non-linear, owing to various economic behaviors such as demand, cost, and many others. Since the appearance of Kuhn and Tucker's fundamental theoretical work, a general NLP problem can be resolved using many methods to find the optimum solution. In this chapter, a fuzzy mathematical model based on Beale's condition is proposed to address NLP with inequality constraints in terms of fuzziness. Furthermore, the model demonstrates how quadratic programming problems can be solved using membership functions. The model also describes three stages: that is, mathematical formulation, computational procedures, and numerical illustration with comparative analysis. Likewise, the model illustrates the considered problem using two distinct approaches, namely membership functions (MF) and robust ranking index. Finally, the comparison analysis provides detailed results and discussion that justify the optimal outcome in order to address the vagueness of certain NLPPs.

Author Biography

Muralikrishna P., Muthurangam Government Arts College (Autonomous).

PG and Research Department of Mathematics,  Vellore.


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