On graded pseudo 2-prime ideals





graded pseudo 2-prime ideal, graded valuation domain, almost valuation domain, graded 2-prime ideal


In this paper, we study graded pseudo 2-prime ideals of graded commutative rings with nonzero identities. Let G be a commutative additive monoid with an identity element 0, and R=⊕g∈G Rg be a commutative graded ring with a nonzero identity element. A proper graded ideal I of R is said to be a graded pseudo 2-prime ideal if whenever ab ∈ I for some homogeneous elements a,b ∈ R, then a²ⁿ ∈ Iⁿ or b²ⁿ ∈ Iⁿ for some n ∈ ℕ. Besides giving many properties of graded pseudo 2-prime ideals, we characterize graded almost valuation domains in terms of our new concept.


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