A linear time algorithm for minimum equitable dominating set in trees





Equitable domination, Linear time algorithm, Trees


Let G = (V, E) be a graph. A subset De of V is said to be an equitable dominating set if for every v V \ De there exists u De such that uv E and |deg(u) deg(v)| 1, where, deg(u) and deg(v) denote the degree of the vertices u and v respectively. An equitable dominating set with minimum cardinality is called the minimum equitable dominating set and its cardinality is called the equitable domination number and it is denoted by γe. The problem of finding minimum equitable dominating set in general graphs is NP-complete. In this paper, we give a linear time algorithm to determine minimum equitable dominating set of a tree.

Author Biographies

Sohel Rana, Aliah University.

Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics.

Sk. Md. Abu Nayeem, Aliah University.

Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics.


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