Implicative filters in quasi-ordered residuated system




Quasi-ordered residuated system, Implicative filter in quasi-ordered residuated system


The concept of residuated relational systems ordered under a quasiorder relation was introduced in 2018 by S. Bonzio and I. Chajda as a structure ūĚíú = ‚Ć©A, ¬∑,‚Üí, 1, R‚Ć™, where (A, ¬∑) is a commutative monoid with the identity 1 as the top element in this ordered monoid under a quasi-order R. The author introduced and analyzed the concepts of filters in this type of algebraic structures. In this article, as a continuation of previous author‚Äôs research, the author introduced and analyzed the concept of implicative filters in quasi-ordered residuated systems.


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