Bipolar quadripartitioned single valued neutrosophic sets




Single valued neutrosophic set, Quadripartitioned single valued neutrosophic sets, Bipolar quadripartitioned single valued neutrosophic set


The notion of simple bipolar quadripartition is presented valuable neutrosophic set. Some basic set theoretic terminologies, operations and properties of bipolar quadripartitioned single valued neutrosophic set are given here. Also different types of distances, similarity measures and entropy measure are discussed. Finally a decision making problem using the similarity measure technique of bipolar quadripartitioned single valued neutrosophic sets has been solved.

Author Biographies

Kalyan Sinha, Acharya Brojendra Nath Seal College.

Dept. of Mathematics.

Pinaki Majumdar, Maharajadhiraj Uday Chand Women's College.

Dept. of Mathematics.


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