Graphics and representable fuzzifying matroids


  • Chun-E Huang Beijing Institute of Technology.



Fuzzifying matroid, fuzzifying cycle matroid, fuzzifying vector matroid, graphic fuzzifying matroid, representable fuzzifying matroid, matroide difusa, ciclo matroidal de difusión, vector matroidal difuso, matroide gráfica difusa.


In this paper, a fuzzifying matroid is induced respectively from a fuzzy graph and a fuzzy vector subspace. The concepts of graphic fuzzifying matroid and representable fuzzifying matroid are presented and some properties of them are discussed. In general, a graphic fuzzifying matriod can not be representable over any field. But when a fuzzifying matroid is isomorphic to a fuzzifying cycle matroid which is induced by a fuzzy tree, it is a representable over any field.

Author Biography

Chun-E Huang, Beijing Institute of Technology.

Department of Mathematics, School of Science.


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