Banach's and Kannan's fixed point results in fuzzy 2-metric spaces


  • Binod Chandra Tripathy Institution of Advanced Study in Science and Technology.
  • Sudipta Paul Gauhati University.
  • Nanda Ram Das Gauhati University.



Fuzzy 2-metric space, Hadzic type tnorm, Weakly compatible mapping, ψ-function.


In this paper we establish two common fixed point theorems in fuzzy 2-metric spaces. These theorems are generalizations of the Banach Contraction mapping principle and the Kannan's fixed point theorem respectively in fuzzy 2-metric spaces.

Author Biographies

Binod Chandra Tripathy, Institution of Advanced Study in Science and Technology.

Mathematical Science Division; Paschim Boragaon,Garchuk; Guwahati-781035, ASSAM.

Sudipta Paul, Gauhati University.

Department of Mathematics, Guwahati-781014; ASSAM.

Nanda Ram Das, Gauhati University.

Department of Mathematics, Guwahati-781014; ASSAM.


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B. Chandra Tripathy, S. Paul, and N. Ram Das, “Banach’s and Kannan’s fixed point results in fuzzy 2-metric spaces”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 359-375, 1.




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