Birrepresentations in a locally nilpotent variety


  • Manuel Arenas Universidad de Chile.
  • Alicia Labra Universidad de Chile.



Locally nilpotent algebra, vector space, birrepresentation, álgebra localmente nilpotente, espacio vectorial, birrepresentación.


It is known that commutative algebras satisfying the identity of degree four ((yx)x)x + γ((xx)x) = 0, with γ in the field and γ ≠ —1 are locally nilpotent. In this paper we study the birrepresentations of an algebra A that belongs to a variety ν of locally nilpotent algebras. We prove that if the split null extension of a birrepresentation of an algebra A ∈ ν by a vector space M is locally nilpotent, then it is trivial or reducible. As corollaries we get that if A is finitely generated, then every birrepresentation is trivial or reducible and that every finite-dimensional birrepresentation is equivalent to a birrepre-sentation consisting of strictly upper triangular matrices. We also prove that the multiplicative universal envelope of a finitely generated algebra in V is nilpotent, therefore it is finite-dimensional.

Author Biographies

Manuel Arenas, Universidad de Chile.

Departamento de Matematicas, Facultad de Ciencias.

Alicia Labra, Universidad de Chile.

Departamento de Matemáticas, Facultad de Ciencias.


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M. Arenas and A. Labra, “Birrepresentations in a locally nilpotent variety”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 123-132, Mar. 2017.