A note on P-Sasakian manifolds satisfying certain conditions


  • pakize uygun AKSARAY university
  • Mehmet Atceken Aksaray University




P-Sasakian Manifold,, ´-Einstein manifold,, W1 curvature tensor.


In the present paper, we have studied the curvature tensors of PSasakian manifold. For a P-Sasakian manifold, W1 ·S = 0, W1 ·Ze = 0 and W9 · W1 = 0 cases are considered. According these cases, PSasakian manifolds have been characterized such as η-Einstein and Einstein. In addition, we research W1-flat and W9-flat for a PSasakian manifold. The results are interesting and give an idea about the geometry of P-Sasakian manifold.


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