Some results on global dominating sets


  • S. K. Vaidya Saurashtra University.
  • R. M. Pandit A. V. Parekh Technical Institute.



Duplication of a vertex, Dominating set, Global dominating set.


A dominating set is called a global dominating set if it is a dominating set for a graph G and its complement G. We investigate some general results for global dominating sets corresponding to the graphs Pn, Cn and Wn.

Author Biographies

S. K. Vaidya, Saurashtra University.

Department of Mathematics Saurashtra University Rajkot-360005 Gujarat.

R. M. Pandit, A. V. Parekh Technical Institute.

Department of Mathematics A. V. Parekh Technical Institute, Rajkot-360002 Gujarat.


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