SPN-compactness in L-topological spaces


  • Zhen-Guo Xu Beijing Institute of Technology.
  • Fu-Gui Shi Beijing Institute of Technology.




L-topological space, strongly preopen L-set, strongly preclosed L-set, SPN-compactness, countable SPN-compactness, the SPN-Lindel of property, espacio L-topológico, L-conjunto fuertemente pre-abierto, L-conjunto fuertemente pre-cerrado, SPN-compacidad.


In this paper, the notions of SPN-compactness, countable SPNcompactness and the SPN-Lindelöf property are introduced in L-topological spaces by means of strongly preclosed L-sets. In an L-space, an Lset having the SPN-Lindelöf property is SPN-compact if and only if it is countably SPN-compact. (Countable) SPN-compactness implies (countable) N-compactness, the SPN-Lindelöf property implies the N-Lindelöf property, but each inverse is not true. Every L-set with finite support is SPN-compact. The intersection of an (a countable) SPN-compact L-set and a strongly preclosed L-set is (countably) SPNcompact. The strong preirresolute image of an (a countable) SPNcompact L-set is (countably) SPN-compact. Moreover SPN-compactness can be characterized by nets.

Author Biographies

Zhen-Guo Xu, Beijing Institute of Technology.

Department of Mathematics.

Fu-Gui Shi, Beijing Institute of Technology.

Department of Mathematics.


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