Fixed points of a family of exponential maps

  • Eric M. Blabac Iowa State University.
  • Justin R. Peters Iowa State University.


We consider the family of functions fλ(z) = exp(iλz), λ real. With the help of MATLAB computations, we show fλ has a unique attracting fixed point for several values of λ. We prove there is no attracting periodic orbit of period n ≥ 2.

Biografía del autor/a

Eric M. Blabac, Iowa State University.
Department of Mathematics. 
Justin R. Peters, Iowa State University.
Department of Mathematics.


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E. M. Blabac y J. R. Peters, «Fixed points of a family of exponential maps», Proyecciones (Antofagasta, En línea), vol. 24, n.º 3, pp. 229-237, abr. 2017.

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