Strongly(Vλ, A, Δn(vm),p, q)-summable sequence spaces defined by modulus function and statistical convergence


  • Mohammad Aiyub University of Bahrain.



De la Vallee-Poussin mean, Difference operator, Modulus function, Statistical convergence.


In this paper we introduce strongly (Vλ,A, Δnvm,p, q)-summable sequences and give the relation between the spaces of strongly (Vλ,A, Δnvm,p, q)-summable sequences and strongly (Vλ,A, Δnvm,p, q)-summable sequences with respect to a modulus function when A =(aik) is an infinite matrix of complex number, (Δnvm) is generalized difference operator, p = (pi) is a sequence of positive real numbers and q is a seminorm. Also we give the relationship between strongly (Vλ,A, Δnvm,p, q) - convergence with respect to a modulus function and strongly Sλ(A, Δn(vm))- statistical convergence.

Author Biography

Mohammad Aiyub, University of Bahrain.

Department of Mathematics.


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M. Aiyub, “Strongly(Vλ, A, Δn(vm),p, q)-summable sequence spaces defined by modulus function and statistical convergence”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 191-203, 1.




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