On a sequence of functions Vn (α,β,δ) (x;a, k, s)

Naresh K. Ajudia, Jyotindra C. Prajapati


In this paper, authors established various properties of a sequence of functions {V(α,β,γ)(x;a,k,s)/n = 0,1,2,...} such as generating relations, bilateral generating relations, finite summation formulae, generating functions involving Stirling number, explicit representation and integral transforms.

Palabras clave

Sequence of functions; operational techniques; generating functions; finite summation formulae; Srivastava’s theorem; Singhal Srivastava generating function and Srivastava-Lavoie theorem; secuencia de funciones; Teorema de Srivastava

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0716-09172016000400005

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