Fractional metric dimension of generalized prism graph


  • Nosheen Goshi University of Management and Technology.
  • Sohail Zafar University of Management and Technology.
  • Tabasam Rashid University of Management and Technology.



resolving neighborhood, fractional metric dimension, cartesian product, generalized prism graph


Fractional metric dimension of connected graph $G$ was introduced by Arumugam et al. in [Discrete Math. 312, (2012), 1584-1590] as a natural extension of metric dimension which have many applications in different areas of computer sciences for example optimization, intelligent systems, networking and robot navigation. In this paper fractional metric dimension of generalized prism graph $P_{m}\times C_{n}$ is computed using combinatorial criterion devised by Liu et al. in [ Mathematics, 7(1), (2019), 100].


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