Enumeration of spanning trees in prisms of some graphs





complexity, recurrence relation, prism over a graph, Chebyshev polynomials


In graph theory, a prism over a graph G is the cartesian product of the graph G with P₂. The purpose of this work is to investigate the complexity of the prisms of some path and cycle-related graphs. In particular, we obtain simpler and more explicit formulas for the complexity of a special class of prisms of path-related graphs: fan graph, ladder graph, the composition Pn[P₂] graph, and book graph. Moreover, we obtain straightforward formulas for the complexity of a special class of prisms of cycle-related graphs: wheel graph, gear graph, prism graph, n−crossed prism graph, mirror graph M(Cn) of even cycle Cn, twisted prism, total graph T(Cn) of the cycle Cn, the friendship graph, the flower graph, and planner sunflower graph. These closed formulas are deduced using some basic properties of block matrix, recurrence relation, eigenvalues of circulant matrices, and orthogonal polynomials.

Author Biography

Mohamed Zeen El Deen, Suez University.

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science.


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