Basarab loop and the generators of its total multiplication group




Basarab loop, Inner mapping group, Automorphic loop (A-loop)


A loop (Q; ·) is called a Basarab loop if the identities: (x · yxρ)(xz) = x · yz and (yx) · (xλz · x) = yz · x hold. It was shown that the left, right and middle nuclei of the Basarab loop coincide, and the nucleus of a Basarab loop is the set of elements x whose middle inner mapping Tx are automorphisms. The generators of the inner mapping group of a Basarab loop were refined in terms of one of the generators of the total inner mapping group of a Basarab loop. Necessary and su_cient condition(s) in terms of the inner mapping group (associators) for a loop to be a Basarab loop were established. It was discovered that in a Basarab loop: the mapping x ↦ Tx is an endomorphism if and only if the left (right) inner mapping is a left (right) regular mapping. It was established that a Basarab loop is a left and right automorphic loop and that the left and right inner mappings belong to its middle inner mapping group. A Basarab loop was shown to be an automorphic loop (A-loop) if and only if it is a middle automorphic loop (middle A-loop). Some interesting relations involving the generators of the total multiplication group and total inner mapping group of a Basarab loop were derived, and based on these, the generators of the total inner mapping group of a Basarab loop were finetuned. A Basarab loop was shown to be a totally automorphic loop (TA-loop) if and only if it is a commutative and exible loop. These aforementioned results were used to give a partial answer to a 2013 question and an ostensible solution to a 2015 problem in the case of Basarab loop

Author Biographies

T.G. Jaiyeola, PhD, Obafemi Awolowo University.

Department of Mathematics.

Gideon Effiong, Hezekiah University.

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics.


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