Distance and eccentricity based polynomials and indices of m-level Wheel graph





Hosoya polynomial, Harary polynomial, Schultz polynomial, Eccentric connectivity polynomial, Wiener index, Schultz index, Eccentric connectivity index, m-level wheel graph


Distance and degree based topological polynomial and indices of molecular graphs have various applications in chemistry, computer networking and pharmacy. In this paper, we give hosoya polynomial, Harary polynomial, Schultz polynomial, modified Schultz polynomial, eccentric connectivity polynomial, modified Wiener index, modified hyper Wiener index, generalized Harary index, multiplicative Wiener index, Schultz index, modified Schultz index, eccentric connectivity index of generalized wheel networks Wn,m. We also give pictorial representation of computed topological polynomials and indices on the involved parameters m and n.

Author Biographies

Murat Cancan, Van Yznc Yil University.

Faculty of Education.

Muhammad Hussain, COMSATS University Islamabad.

Dept. of Mathematics.

Haseeb Ahmad, Lahore Leads University.

Dept. of Mathematics.


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