On βκ-normal spaces


  • Sumit Singh University of Delhi.
  • Manoj Kumar Rana University of Delhi.




normal, almost normal, β-normal, βκ-normal, regular, almost regular, topological spaces


A topological space X is called βκ-normal if for every pair of disjoint regularly closed sets A and B, there exist disjoint open sets U and V of X such that  = A,  = B and  ∩  = ∅. In this paper, we investigated a weaker form of normality called βκ-normality which is simultaneous generalization of normality, κ-normality and almost β-normality. Some new decomposition of normality is obtained in terms weakly β-normal spaces.

Author Biographies

Sumit Singh, University of Delhi.

Ramjas College, Department of Mathematics.

Manoj Kumar Rana, University of Delhi.

Ramjas College, Department of Mathematics.


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