Skew-field of trace-preserving endomorphisms, of translation group in affine plane




Affine plane, Trace-preserving endomorphisms, Translation group, Skewfield


We will show how to constructed an Skew-Field with trace-preserving endomorphisms of the affine plane. Earlier in my paper, we doing a detailed description of endomorphisms algebra and trace-preserving endomorphisms algebra in an affine plane, and we have constructed an associative unitary ring for which trace-preserving endomorphisms. In this paper we formulate and prove an important Lemma, which enables us to construct a particular trace-preserving endomorphism, with the help of which we can construct the inverse trace-preserving endomorphisms of every trace-preserving endomorphism. At the end of this paper we have proven that the set of tracepreserving endomorphisms together with the actions of ’addition’ and ’composition’ (which is in the role of ’multiplication’) forms a skewfield.

Author Biographies

Orgest Zaka, Agricultural University of Tirana.

Dept. of Mathematics-Informatics.

Mohanad A. Mohammed, Open Educational College.

Dept. of Mathematics, Ministry of Education.


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