Zk-magic labeling of star of graphs





A-magic labeling, Flower, Double wheel, Shell, Cylinder, Gear, Generalised Jahangir, Lotus inside a circle, Wheel, Closed helm graph


For any non-trivial abelian group A under addition a graph G is said to be A-magic if there exists a labeling f : E(G) → A − {0} such that, the vertex labeling f + defined as f +(v) = Pf(uv) taken over all edges uv incident at v is a constant. An A-magic graph G is said to be Zk-magic graph if the group A is Zk, the group of integers modulo k and these graphs are referred to as k-magic graphs. In this paper we prove that the graphs such as star of cycle, flower, double wheel, shell, cylinder, gear, generalised Jahangir, lotus inside a circle, wheel, closed helm graph are Zk-magic graphs.

Author Biographies

P. Jeyanthi, Govindammal Aditanar College for Women.

Dept. of Mathematics.

K. Jeya Daisy, Holy Cross College.

PG and Research Dept. of Mathematics.


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