On the three families of extended Laguerre-based Apostol-type polynomials





Gould-Hopper polynomials, Laguerre type exponential, Unified Apostol type polynomials, Extended Laguerre-based Apostol type polynomials, Fubini polynomials, Bell polynomials


In this paper, we introduce a new class of generalized extended Laguerre-based Apostol-type-Bernoulli, Apostol-type-Euler and Apostoltype-Genocchi polynomials. These Apostol type polynomials are used to connect Fubini-Hermite and Bell-Hermite polynomials and to find new representations. We derive some implicit summation formulae and symmetric identities for these families of special functions by applying the generating functions.

Author Biography

Waseem A. Khan, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

Dept. of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


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