Some pairwise weakly Fuzzy mappings


  • Runu Dhar Maharaja Bir Bikram Univesity.



Fuzzy bitopological space, Pairwise weakly fuzzy, Fuzzy δ-semi pre-continuous, Fuzzy δ-semi pre-open mappings


The aim of this paper is to introduce some pairwise weakly fuzzy mappings, called pairwise weakly fuzzy δ-semi-pre-continuous mappings and pairwise weakly fuzzy δ-semi pre-open mappings in fuzzy bitopological spaces. The concept of pairwise weakly fuzzy δ-semi-precontinuous mappings is to be introduced in fuzzy bitopological spaces with the help of the concept of (i, j)-fuzzy pre-open and (i, j)-fuzzy δ-semi pre-open set. Then some of its basic properties and characterization theorems are to be investigated. Also the notion of pairwise weakly fuzzy δ-semi-pre-open mappings is to be introduced in fuzzy bitopological spaces with the help of the concept of (i, j)-fuzzy open set and (i, j)-fuzzy δ-semi pre-interior. Some of its basic properties and its relationship with other known mappings are also to be studied.

Author Biography

Runu Dhar, Maharaja Bir Bikram Univesity.

Dept. of Applied Mathematics.


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