A general common fixed point result for two pairs of maps in b-metric spaces


  • Mohamed Akkouchi University Cadi Ayyad.




Complete b-metric spaces, Implicit relations, Common fixed point for four maps, Weakly compatible maps, Compatible maps


We establish a general common fixed point problem for two pairs {f, S} and {g, T } of weakly compatibles selfmaps of a complete b-metric (X, d; s). These maps are satisfying a contractive condition defined by a class of implicit relations in five variables. This contraction unifies, in one go, several contractive conditions previously used in a set of recent papers dealing with fixed point or common fixed results for selfmaps of b-metric spaces. We provide an illustrative example.

Author Biography

Mohamed Akkouchi, University Cadi Ayyad.

Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences-Semlalia.


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