Stability of a general p-radical functional equation related to additive mappings in 2-Banach spaces




Stability, Hyperstability, Fixed point method, 2-normed space, Radical functional equations


In this paper, we introduce and solve a new general p-radical functional equation

Also, we investigate some stability and hyperstability results for the considered equation in 2-Banach spaces. In addition, we prove the hyperstability of the inhomogeneous p-radical functional equation

Author Biographies

Sadeq A. A. AL Ali, Ibn Tofaïl University.

Dept. of Mathematics.

Muaadh Almahalebi, Ibn Tofaïl University.

Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences.

Youssfi Elkettani, Ibn Tofaïl University.

Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences.


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