Weakly convex hypersurfaces of pseudo-Euclidean spaces satisfying the condition LkHk+1 = λHk+1





Spacelike hypersurfaces, Lk-biharmonic, k-maximal, Weakly convex


In this paper, we try to give a classification of spacelike hypersurfaces of the Lorentz-Minkowski space-time E1n+1, whose mean curvature vector field of order (k+ 1) is an eigenvector of the kth linearized operator Lk, for a non-negative integer k less than n. The operator Lk is defined as the linear part of the first variation of the (k + 1)th mean curvature of a hypersurface arising from its normal variations. We show that any spacelike hypersurface of E1n+1 satisfying the condition LkHk+1 = λHk+1 (where 0 ≤ k ≤ n − 1) belongs to the class of Lk-biharmonic, Lk-1-type or Lk-null-2-type hypersurface. Furthermore, we study the above condition on a well-known family of spacelike hypersurfaces of Lorentz-Minkowski spaces, named the weakly convex hypersurfaces (i.e. on which all of principle curvatures are nonnegative). We prove that, on any weakly convex spacelike hypersurface satisfying the above condition for an integer k (where, 0 ≤ r ≤ n−1), the (k + 1)th mean curvature will be constant. As an interesting result, any weakly convex spacelike hypersurfaces, having assumed to be Lk-biharmonic, has to be k-maximal.


Author Biography

Firooz Pashaie, University of Maragheh.

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Basic Sciences.


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