Evolution of Weyl's gauge invariant geometry under ricci flow


  • Sandeep K. Bahuguna Hnb Garhwal University.
  • Kailash C. Petwal Hnb Garhwal University.




Diffusion, Ricci flow (R.F.), Gauge, Cosmos, Weyl, Tensor density, Conformal, Rescaling, Pseudo vector.


There is a classical fact conjectured by Albert Einstein, that the presence of matter causes the curvature of space-time. However, even a vacant space-time can have a non-zero Weyl's curvature. For instance, such a condition can be found near black holes and in the zones where gravitation waves radiate. Getting inspirations from such a fabulous classical fact, authors have attempted to describe the purely differential geometric behaviour of Weyl's-Gauge invariant conceptions concerning to 4-dimensional structured cosmos. Under the well known Ricci flow (R.F.) techniques, various Weylian configurations have been evolved as heat diffusion equations, which can pave the way for new consequencies in relativity theory and cosmology.


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S. K. Bahuguna and K. C. Petwal, “Evolution of Weyl’s gauge invariant geometry under ricci flow”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 329-350, Dec. 2011.




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