Lie symmetry analysis and traveling wave solutions of equal width wave equation




Equal width wave (EWW) equation, Lie symmetry analysis method, Power series solutions, Tanh method, Symbolic computation


We obtained the power series solution and the traveling wave solutions of equal width wave equation by using the Lie symmetry method. The fundamental idea behind the symmetry transformation method is that it reduces one independent variables in a system of PDEs by utilizing Lie symmetries and surface invariance condition. We first obtained the infinitesimals and commutation table with the help of MAPLE software. Lie symmetry transformation method (STM) has been applied on EWW equation and converted it into various nonlinear ODEs. Then, the tanh method and the power series method have been applied for solving the reduced nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Convergence of the power series solutions has also been shown.

Author Biographies

Antim Chauhan, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Dept of Appl. Sci. and Engineer.

Rajan Arora, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Dept of Appl. Sci. and Engineer.

Amit Tomar, Amity University.

Dept. of Mathematics.


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