Fuzzy (b, θ)-separation axioms

  • Diganta Jyoti Sarma Central Institute of Technology.
  • Santanau Acharjee Debraj Roy College.
Keywords: Fuzzy topological spaces, Fuzzy b-open set, Fuzzy (b, θ)-open set, Fuzzy (b, θ)-quasi neighbourhood


Dutta and Tripathy recently introduced fuzzy (b, θ)-open set in fuzzy topology. The aim of this paper is to introduce fuzzy (b, θ)-separation axioms with the help of fuzzy (b, θ)-open set and to establish some properties by defining fuzzy (b, θ)-neighbourhood and fuzzy (b, θ)-quasi neighbourhood of a fuzzy point.

Author Biographies

Diganta Jyoti Sarma, Central Institute of Technology.
Department of Mathematics.
Santanau Acharjee, Debraj Roy College.
Department of Mathematics, Economics and Computational Rationality Group.


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D. J. Sarma and S. Acharjee, “Fuzzy (b, θ)-separation axioms”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 617-624, Aug. 2019.

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