Controllability of affine systems on free Nilpotent Lie groups Gm,ᵣ


Controllability properties of affine control systems on free nilpotent Lie groups are examined and controllability of affine systems on thiskind of Lie groups are characterized by the help of their associated bilinear parts. In order to show this, an automorphism in the algebra level is found, authomosrpism orbit of the system is calculated and its properties are studied.

Biografía del autor/a

Ayse Kara Hansen, Yildiz Technical University.
Department of Mathematics.
Mahmut Kudeyt, Yildiz Technical University.
Department of Mathematics.


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A. K. Hansen y M. Kudeyt, «Controllability of affine systems on free Nilpotent Lie groups Gm,ᵣ», Proyecciones (Antofagasta, En línea), vol. 38, n.º 3, pp. 499-509, ago. 2019.