The integral sine addition law.

  • D. Zeglami Moulay Ismail University.
  • M. Tial Ibn Tofail University.
  • S. Kabbaj Ibn Tofail University.
Keywords: Functional equation, Sine and cosine addition laws, Character, Borel measure


In the present paper we determine, in terms of characters and additive functions, the solutions of the integral functional equation for the sine addition law  ∫ G f(xyt)dµ(t) = f(x)g(y) + g(x)f(y), x, y ∈ G, where G is a locally compact Hausdorff group and µ is a regular, compactly supported, complex-valued Borel measure on G. Some consequences of this result and an example are presented.

Author Biographies

D. Zeglami, Moulay Ismail University.
Department of Mathematics, ENSAM.
M. Tial, Ibn Tofail University.
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences.
S. Kabbaj, Ibn Tofail University.
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences.


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D. Zeglami, M. Tial, and S. Kabbaj, “The integral sine addition law.”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 38, no. 2, pp. 203-219, May 2019.