On a new class of generalized difference sequence spaces of fractional order defined by modulus function





Difference operator Δᵅᵥ, Paranormed sequence, Lacunary sequence, Modulus function


Recently Baliarsingh and Dutta [11], [12] introduced the fractional difference operator Δα , defined by Δα(xk) = art31proya.png and defined new classes of generalized difference sequence spaces of fractional order X(Γ, Δα, u) where X = {ℓ∞, c, c0} . More recently, Kadak [21] studied strongly Cesàro and statistical difference sequence space of fractional order involving lacunary sequences using the fractional difference operator art31proyb.png


is is any fixed sequence of positive real or complex numbers. Following Baliarsingh and Dutta [11], [12] and Kadak [21], we introduce paranormed difference sequence spaces art31proyd.png of fractional order involving lacunary sequence, θ and modulus function, f. We investigate topological structures of these spaces and examine various inclusion relations.

Author Biography

Taja Yaying, Dera Natung Govt. College.

Department of Mathematics.


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