An impulsive version of Perron's theorem


  • Víctor H. Cortes Universidad de Chile.
  • Patricio González Universidad de Chile.



We prove the asymptolic stability of the null solution of the impulsive system x' = Ax+ f(t, x) under the influence of externa linear impulses defined by constant matrices {Dj }j. These matrices act at a given fixed and increasing unbonnded sequence of positive times {lj }j· The main idea is to apply a generalization of Bellman's inequality lo such impulsive system.

Author Biographies

Víctor H. Cortes, Universidad de Chile.

Departamento de Matemáticas.

Patricio González, Universidad de Chile.

Departamento de Matemáticas.


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V. H. Cortes and P. González, “An impulsive version of Perron’s theorem”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 35-43, Apr. 2018.