Asymptotically Double Lacunary Statistically Equivalent Sequences of Interval Numbers


  • Ayhan Esi Adiyaman University.
  • Shyamal Debnath Tripura University.
  • Subrata Saha Tripura University.



Asymptotically, lacunary, interval number, asíntotas, lagunar, intervalos


In this paper we have introduced the concept ofasymptotically double lacunary statistically equivalent of interval numbers and strong asymptotically double lacunary statistically equivalent ofinterval numbers. We have investigated the relations related to these spaces.

Author Biographies

Ayhan Esi, Adiyaman University.

Department of Mathematics.

Shyamal Debnath, Tripura University.

Department of Mathematics.

Subrata Saha, Tripura University.

Department of Mathematics.


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A. Esi, S. Debnath, and S. Saha, “Asymptotically Double Lacunary Statistically Equivalent Sequences of Interval Numbers”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 35, no. 4, pp. 469-479, Mar. 2017.




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