On generalization of K-divergence, its order relation with J-divergence and related results


  • G. Farid COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.
  • Atiq Ur Rehman COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.
  • J. Pecaric University Of Zagreb.




Convex functions, K-divergence, J-divergence, log-convexity, Cauchy means, exponentially convex functions, funciones convexas, K-divergencia, J-divergencia, convexidad logarítmica, valor medio de Cauchy, funciones exponencialmente convexas.


In this paper, we give an order relation between J-divergence and generalized K-divergence. By using this order relation we give generalizations ofthe results related to an order relation between J-divergence and K-divergence given by J. Burbea and C. R. Rao. Also we construct class of m-exponentially convexfunctions introducing by nonnegative difference of new order relation.

Author Biography

J. Pecaric, University Of Zagreb.

Faculty Of Textile Technology Zagreb.


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G. Farid, A. U. Rehman, and J. Pecaric, “On generalization of K-divergence, its order relation with J-divergence and related results”, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, On line), vol. 35, no. 4, pp. 381-393, Mar. 2017.