Pebbling on zig-zag chain graph of n odd cycles


Given a distribution of pebbles on the vertices of a connected graph G, a pebbling move on G consists of removing two pebbles from one vertex and placing one pebble on an adjacent vertex. The pebbling number of G, f (G), is the least n such that any distribution of n pebbles on G allows one pebble to be reached to any specified, but an arbitrary vertex. Similarly, the t−pebbling number of G, ft(G), is the least m such that from any distribution of m pebbles, we can move t pebbles to any specified, but an arbitrary vertex. In this paper, we determine the pebbling number, and the t−pebbling number of the zigzag chain graph of n copies of odd cycles.

Biografía del autor

A. Lourdusamy, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous).
Department of Mathematics.
J. Jenifer Steffi, St. Xaviers College (Autonomous).
Department of Mathematics.


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A. Lourdusamy y J. J. Steffi, Pebbling on zig-zag chain graph of n odd cycles, Proyecciones (Antofagasta, En línea), vol. 38, n.º 3, pp. 597-615, ago. 2019.