Star edge coloring of corona product of path and wheel graph families.

  • K. Kaliraj University of Madras.
  • R. Sivakami Bharathiar University.
  • Vivin J. Vernold University College of Engineering Nagercoil.


A star edge coloring of a graph G is a proper edge coloring without bichromatic paths and cycles of length four. In this paper, we obtain the star edge chromatic number of the corona product of path with cycle, path with wheel, path with helm and path with gear graphs, denoted by Pm ◦ Cn, Pm ◦ Wn, Pm ◦ Hn, Pm ◦ Gn respectively.

Biografía del autor

K. Kaliraj, University of Madras.
Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics.
R. Sivakami, Bharathiar University.
Research & Development Centre.
Vivin J. Vernold, University College of Engineering Nagercoil.
Department of Mathematics, (Anna University Constituent College).


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K. Kaliraj, R. Sivakami, y V. Vernold, «Star edge coloring of corona product of path and wheel graph families»., PJM, vol. 37, n.º 4, pp. 593-601, nov. 2018.