Bound on H3(1) Hankel determinant for pre-starlike functions of order α.


The objective of this paper is to obtain best possible upper bound to the third Hankel determinant for the pre-starlike functions of order α (0 ≤ α < 1), using Toeplitz determinants.

Biografía del autor

D. Vamshee Krishna, GITAM University.
Departamento de Matemáticas.
D. Shalini, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology.
Departamento de Matemáticas.


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D. Krishna y D. Shalini, «Bound on H3(1) Hankel determinant for pre-starlike functions of order α»., PJM, vol. 37, n.º 2, pp. 305-315, jun. 2018.