On (*)-ideals and positive implicative ideals in bci-algebras

  • Hamza A. S. Abujabal King Abdul Aziz University.
  • Jie Meng Northwest University Xian.
Palabras clave: BCI-algebra, Closed ideal, (*)-ideal, Positive implicative ideal, Quotient algebra


In the present paper, we given sorne equivalent conditions of (*)-ideals and positive implicative ideals in BCI-algebras and we clarify the relation of the two classes of ideals. Also, we obtain further properties of these ideals. Finally, we discuss a quotient algebra of a BCI-algebra by a closed (*)-ideal and a quotient algebra by positive implicative ideal.

Biografía del autor

Hamza A. S. Abujabal, King Abdul Aziz University.
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science.
Jie Meng, Northwest University Xian.
Department of Mathematics.


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Abujabal, H., & Meng, J. (2018). On (*)-ideals and positive implicative ideals in bci-algebras. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 18(2), 195-205. https://doi.org/10.22199/S07160917.1999.0002.00007