On k*-radical in BCI-algebras

  • Hanza A. S. Abujabal King Abdulaziz University.
Palabras clave: BCI-algebra, , Ideals, Subalgebra, k- radical, Nil ideal, k* - semiprime ideal


In (2] the notion of nil radical in BCI-algebras was introduced and various properties are developed in [3]. Further, several results on nil ideals were obtained in [4] and [5]. The aim of this paper is to study and investigate some properties of k*- radicals in BCI-algebras. The notion of k*- semiprime ideal is introduced.

Biografía del autor/a

Hanza A. S. Abujabal, King Abdulaziz University.
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science.


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Abujabal, H. (2018). On k*-radical in BCI-algebras. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 16(1), 37-47. https://doi.org/10.22199/S07160917.1997.0001.00004