Some results on SD-Prime cordial labeling

A. Lourdusamy, F. Patrick


Given a bijection ʄ : V(G) → {1,2, …,|V(G)|}, we associate 2 integers S = ʄ(u)+ʄ(v) and D = |ʄ(u)-ʄ(v)| with every edge uv in E(G). The labeling ʄ induces an edge labeling ʄ' : E(G) → {0,1} such that for any edge uv in E(G), ʄ '(uv)=1 if gcd(S,D)=1, and ʄ ' (uv)=0 otherwise. Let eʄ ' (i) be the number of edges labeled with i ∈ {0,1}. We say ʄ is SD-prime cordial labeling if |eʄ '(0)-e ʄ' (1)| ≤ 1. Moreover G is SD-prime cordial if it admits SD-prime cordial labeling. In this paper, we investigate the SD-prime cordial labeling of some derived graphs.

Palabras clave

SD-prime labeling; SD-prime cordial labeling; star

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