Nonlinear elliptic problems with resonance at the two first eigenvalue : A variational approach

  • M. Moussaoui University Mohamed I.
Palabras clave: p-laplacian, Eigenvalue, Resonance, Variational method.


We study the nonlinear elliptic problems with Dirichlet boundary condition {-Dpu=¦(x, u) in Wu=0 on ¶W Resonance conditions at the first or at the second eigenvalue will be considered.  

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M. Moussaoui, University Mohamed I.
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences.


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Moussaoui, M. (2017). Nonlinear elliptic problems with resonance at the two first eigenvalue : A variational approach. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 20(1), 33-51.