Statistically pre-Cauchy Fuzzy real-valued sequences defined by Orlicz function

  • Amar Jyoti Dutta Pragjyotish College.
  • Binod Chandra Tripathy Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology.
Palabras clave: Statistically pre-Cauchy, statistically convergence, Orlicz function, fuzzy real numbers, estadística pre-Cauchy, convergencia estadística, funció de Orlicz, números reales difusos.


In this articlewehavedefined statistically pre-Cauchy sequence of fuzzy real numbers defined by Orlicz function. We have proved a necessary and sufficient condition for a sequence X =(Xk) of fuzzy real numbers to be statistically pre-Cauchy. We have also established some other results.

Biografía del autor

Amar Jyoti Dutta, Pragjyotish College.
Department of Mathematics.
Binod Chandra Tripathy, Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology.
Mathematical Sciences Division.


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Dutta, A., & Tripathy, B. (2017). Statistically pre-Cauchy Fuzzy real-valued sequences defined by Orlicz function. Proyecciones. Revista De Matemática, 33(3), 235-243.